IMPRINTS is a comparative and multidisciplinary research project, asking about the influences on the UK and US publics to engage and/or disengage with identity management practices, services and technologies of the future and is funded by the UK Government (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council).

My supervisor is Dr Sandra Wilson who is the Dundee team member of the IMPRINTS Project ( My focus area is the positive and negative experiences of identity management in Airports.

Airport is a really important and serious place, in order to keep safe, series of security and identity measure have to be taken. In the meantime, it might make passengers feel a little stressful and nervous. The aim of this project is try to find out if there is some negative experience in the airport system, if it has, what could I do to bring more positive experience to the passenger rather than the cold technology.

More details please see IMPRINTS PROJECT category.


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