Prototyping 2012/03/13&14

Prototyping excise had been done. it is a “prototype” for the’prototype’. We chose the “security”. First, how to define “security”, what is security, we did the mind map. We find out some key words: Security, privacy, online security, identity, government, illegal, undercover and so on. In order to get different opinions of security, we tried to do the napkin excise. We used one side to draw the thing which we thought was important or present ourselves, and let other team members to draw the thing which they thought was important and present ourselves, and then compare them. We realized that what identity we thought general have quite different between someone else thought, and it just made us to think that many things are quite important and we didn’t even aware of.

And then build the scenario and storyboard for the prototype. We had a hypothesis that a young lady found her personal information had been stolen someday without her knowing. And what she could do to deal with the headache problem from different aspects.

And lastly, we “prototype” all Sara’s personal information we know and put them into the envelope and gave it back to Sara. In the meantime it reminds us how much information we leaked from our life without our awareness.


After the excise,  I realized that, It is quite important that think before we do it. The thing i lack of is project management, the problem also reflect to my own project. the talk with Fraser and Nicholas,made me think a lot, and i felt far more lost than before, I found much more question marks  in my mind, and even doubt my start point of my project if it is correct. As far as i concerned, lost might not be a bad thing for me. Return to the original point to think might help me to move forward  further.


Mindful Design day 4, Feb 16th

Story Board


Stakeholders had been defined yesterday, and today story board has been used to explain the project, I think it is a really efficient way for audience to understand our project themself without telling them directly. However, I also realize that when we use this method we need to make sure that what we express is precise and try to avoid any unnecessary image, otherwise it might lead to misunderstanding. Because when i showed Dan my first story board (the first card) , she was thinking that the mother with child would travel by ship, accturally i just want to express they will travel aboard to see some beautiful sea views. Therefore, i added a plane behind the speech bubble.