Young People unemployment

We choose the challenge of youth people unemployment; we need to find out how can information regarding the skills and capabilities of specific young people be made available to employers and how can young people be better informed of employment opportunities where their literacy skills are not strong.

At first, as we knew from the context, the problem might be not enough communication between the employers and the young people. And we assumed that we might build a kind of ‘bridge’ to enhance the chance for them to communicate. For example, to build an electric cv or give some pre-guide program.

However, since we started the investigation I realized that more investigation we have done, the farther I would go with the original assumption I made. The main method we used is interview. We chose three aspects, employer, the youth and general public. (If we got chance to continue the project, I think we might investigate the organization of young people employment, because I think they should have a good understanding of the situation of young people unemployment, and help us to know about the situation of youth participation)

At the beginning of the project, we were worried about that we can’t get someone to talk with, employer or the youth, many thanks of Ashley, help us got the chance to talk with mangers, the youth and the general public, we have got many useful insights which we could not find through desk research, and it also reflect some potential problems. As for young people, who don’t have qualifications said that employers prefer employees with qualifications, the youth who has qualifications said that employers like employees with working experience, people with experience might prefer a better salary, it might become a strange loop which might cause the situation become worse. As for the employers, general speaking, they all prefer the employees with positive attitudes, in terms of the qualifications and experience, it dependents on the characters of the job, for example, some basic jobs in supermarket, and mangers prefer the employees could be trained in their ways. The most impressive part for me during the investigation is that the opinion of public, because they gave me a wider insight and also some reasons which I could not discover. It is a good way to collect opinions widely and quickly, but it might take a longer time to pick up the useful one.

The problem of youth unemployment is not just in Dundee, the problem happens anywhere. However, I think Dundee’s problem might have it special aspect. “No opportunities” makes us thought a lot. It might because it is not a big city the amount of the job opportunities is objective, it might not be changed because our any suggestions. And the reason of the youth unemployment is not a caused by one single aspect, various methods should be taken to deal with the problem.

As for the final deliver, we decided to use stop-motion Animation. To be honest, I think it’s a challenge for us, we have done lots work to editor it, it seems that a better plan is more importan.


Strategic Information Design 2012-01-23

This is my original sleep date, it had several  aspects:

1) what have i done before sleep

2) the time i went to bed and fell asleep

3)how many hours did i sleep

4)did i have dreams(normal, sweet dream or nightmare)

5)how many times i woke up during sleeping

6)the time got up

after i wote down all the information, i found what have i done before sleep have strongly effect of how long i would fall asleep.  And then i reorganized the data in two different ways:

1)the minutes i need to fall asleep were put from more to less, and it seems that the best way it to chart with my parents(quality of sleep is really good, 9.5 h and only woke up one time),and reading could be the next. By contrast, alcohol seems bought me the worst quality of sleep(It’s hard to fall asleep, only slept 6h, and had a nightmare)Therefore, It looks the best way to improve my sleep quality is stay away from alcohol and have more chart with my parents before sleep.

one problem of the data would be it is only 7-day sleep data, the results seems not so accurite. And at last, i and Brian decided to use the data from  both of us, to compare the travel sleeper and regular sleeper. i would love to record for a longer time, and it might help me to deal with my Intermittent insomnia, haha.

What makes a good diagram, I think it might have several different aspects:

1) it could present an accurate main idea no matter the iformation is more or less.all information works for the main point(As for our poster i would love to say the main idea is quite clear).

2) A good way to present .Concerned about readers visual habits, make it easy to be understand, no leading misunderstanding.(Our poster is vertical, it is not so easy for readers to look through once, if we could do it horizontally it would be more easy to be accessed. Moreover, As lena’s comments, the box of legent might confuse reader, it looks have some sort of relation with Brian’s first 3 days data).

Strategic Information Design Day 3 2012-01-18

 who own the city

Really impress presentation, and i’ m just so glad that the society i live is so stable and safe. How to deal with the serious issues of the Brazilian socity, Dr Femando showed three main directions:Engage the residents in public, cut routes of crime and lastly education. Through the methods made the connection between the rich and the poor in both directly and indirectly. But i think there might be some problems with the local government and police as well. As he said the police has more power to “protect” themself.  I think the boundary of that would really hard to defind with each policeman or policewoman in any different situation.  It just reminds me the movie called gangster’s paradise. Living in a extreme situation have to deal with the problem in an extreme way. It seems that education and keep a good balance between rich&poor would be a long term plan. 

picture  reference:

Strategic Information Design Day 2 2012-01-17

communicate with Peolpe

How to present clearly our ideas to the stockholders/customer/teammember.

what they want, how could make it come true, how many options do we have, which option is the best, how can we carry out. 

five boxes:

Situation, Issue, Options, Decision, Actions.

visual thinking. I have tried visual thinking,not only it could help me construct the framework of the whole process, but also much more easier to be understood by audience.  It turns abstract data into visible information. This might be much easier accessible for audience.

A little problem is that all the information i got today just like many little pieces, i need to figure out how to put them together….en…visualization…

Strategic Information Design Day 1 2012-01-16

It’s the first day of semester two. And it’s the begining of strategic information design module. Throught the course today, I realised that even though there is simply data, various presenting methods could be considered. However, we need to find the most approperiate way to present and make it much easier to be understood, and then decision might be made.

The picture up there is a diagram about flavor network and the principles of food pairing.

I quite like this research, because it put different catagories food with all kinds of flavor together. And find out how could they match one and another, milloins new choice might be found and might get people’s preference of flavor. However, maybe because there are too much information need to be presented, the diagram looks a little bit mess, it might take a while for readers to understand it.