The Growth of American Food Portions

This infographic is quite interesting, it shows the growth of American food portions.

It uses a direct way to show how the growth portions effect human figure, even though it might be not some accurate, it had made me to think about it.

However I think it might have one slight problem, too many words to explain the diagram, and the words are a little small which makes it not so easy to be read. And in the part of drinks and snacks it compares the year 1977 and 1996. But in the pizza part, I just wonder the year of the comparison, is it as same as its in 1977 and 1996?





The foreign faction

The infographic shows the comparison of homeownership between American and foreign residents.

The reason why I like it is because this infographic contains more interaction with audiences. As we known that, the more information we give, the longer diagram it will be. If the diagram is too long, it might not so easy for readers to understand the whole context. By contrast, this infographic separate into to part, and use a hyperlink to relate two parts. First part, it gives a general introduction of the situation, and the second part gives more details. On the second part, when you put the mouse arrow on each state, the right side will show the ranking of foreign countries, in the meantime, the bottom will show the correspondent color and quantity of the foreign countries. Moreover, in order to make the quantity much easier to be accepted, at the right upside, it has concentric circles, it shows the percentage of total immigrants in the US. The higher percentage, the bigger circle it will be. Lastly, there are some blue circles in some states, put the mouse on it, more details will show.

 Generally speaking, this infographic is my favorite so far.

I really engaged with the infograhic, because it allows me to “discover” the information myself rather than show me the data directly. In the process of “discover”, it would become more impressive.


Info graphic: how small business fared during the holidays.

Info graphic: how small business fared during the holidays.

The infographic illustrates the situation of small business during the holidays

It has four aspects, and uses some simple icons to present different key points. The way it shows is clear and simple.

However I think it might have a small problem: in the middle section shows the sales volume in different area of America. Maybe because the icons colors are similar, i assumed the last section each industry have a single color that might related with the area of map where it uses the same color. To make the edge of different sections more obvious or change the series of color of each section might help to deal with the problem.   


The Johnny Cash Project

Really shocked by this project, before i saw the vedio i didn’t know Johnny, but i was attracted by the song(AIN’T NO GRAVE ) immidately.
I think this project is successful. designers put Jonny’s picture and vedio together and make it into a vedio, and then seperate each image from second and allow every individual to draw a image for a second, at last it beacom an animation. I think Johnny should have a lot of fans, they feel sorry about Johnny’s leave. The Johnny Cash Project allow everybody  to contribute, and used the power of all to create the last vedio for him, and one of the contributer said she felt powerful after she did this. It’s a good way to relase the emotion for Johnny.
People can still contribute, The Johnny Cash Project will never end . . .



Manual photograhpy

This infographic shows the data about manual photography. It gives a general introduction of exposure, aperture, shutter, ISO. The relationship between quality and quatity. The design style of this poster is antique, I think the designer might be try to remind people to think about the manual photography rather than todays intelligent camera and easy-used software to make everybody an excellent photograhyer. But i also wonder,i am not quiet sure that the designer gave a comparion of  exposure between Nikon and Canon. Is it only because the different way to show the exposure data or have other reason?  and the rest of aspects might not related to those two brands.


Inforgraphic The Silicon Valleys Of The World

this inforgrahpyic is about the “silicon valleys” of the world. The diagram is so long that i cann’t upload it, i have to upload the smaller one. However, the constructure is quite clear. because it has 6 parts, the first part give a general idea of the world wide “silicon valleys” show the location and the comparation of the index. and the rest of the diagram introduced four main countries situation. In each parts it has both quality and quatity data. the entrepreneurship and innovation percentage, and also the strengths and weakness.

I really like the way it presents, it is clear to show readers the constracture and the main idea of the inforgraphic, i am just wandering how could they get the data of entrepreneurship and innovation, or what interviewee group they had choose, because if the interviewee group is smaller or too narrow, it might effect the results…just curious…

The picture up there is a diagram about flavor network and the principles of food pairing.

I quite like this research, because it put different catagories food with all kinds of flavor together. And find out how could they match one and another, milloins new choice might be found and might get people’s preference of flavor. However, maybe because there are too much information need to be presented, the diagram looks a little bit mess, it might take a while for readers to understand it.