IMPRINTS Project Summary 1.1 I’m back

I am really glad that feeling lose for last week, finally, i’m back again today…even thought it is not completely. The reason i lost probably forget about my start point, just realized that the topic i made is too wide, the airport system for identity and security is quite complicated. As for the interview with passengers if i only focus on the identity it might be too narrow, and if i focus on the whole system, i was worried about that the answers might be too diverse and separated which might lead to outcomes too hard to analyse. In the meantime, i was afraid to move forward to avoid making mistakes. However, the talk with Fraser Nicholas and Jamie really helped. I have stopped myself before i move forward. And the way to deal with the problem of my lost, I just put the feet on the ground, doing the mind map(even through the map is still really rough). It looks like a rough framework for me with simple timeline. I know it is quiet simple and more details would be added to it.

And now i am working on the questionnaires, but i would like to say it is a culture probe rather than questionnaires, I would like to make the participates more engaged interested.


IMPRINTS Project Summary 1.0

IMPRINTS: User-friendly Airport Identity and Security

Literature view and desk research has been done. For example, the information about Airport Security System, passengers’ boarding process, other self-service system. Lots of the data is from United Stated Patent, the information found from UK is not so much, Therefore,  how much difference of the airport system between the UK and the USA I is not sure. Another problem is that, too much information has been found, I felt a little bit lost because I was exposed to various information suddenly. Maybe I need to go back to the original point to make sure the project is in the right way. In the next stage, field research and interview with stakeholder should be done. Because last stage of the research is almost theory, the real situation should be considered.

Tutorial with Dr Sandra Wilson was on 08/03/2012. The part below is some suggestions from Dr Sandra:

1, The literature view has been done so far, is more focus on the technology and process of the system, I think the literature you are doing focus on the process and the experience might be helpful, so if you see the things in different stage in the process, less technology and more experience that the travellers go through, It might help. or even document your own experience.

2, Try to plan a field research about Dundee airport. Contact the airport of Dundee,  you could offer them some options, one might be just simply interview people before they go through the security, maybe just café area, there is no real security risk there, or you could observe the security measure themselves, or interview the staff , Prepare first( questions, questionnaires ), because they might have a really good view for the system and people’s experience, such as how they feel when they go through it themselves, it is very unusual for the staff to be asked what is their view , what would they suggest to improve the process and the experience. And also think about the methods, such as questionnaire, interview, observation and so on.

3, Keep bringing the project back to the original question during the process, to make sure it is on the right way.

4, Passport is an example of a token based identity management system (as opposed to a paper based system). what you might want to explore the memory based and body based technology. Or you can ask people to talk through what kind of technology they would like to wear and there experience to the technology.

In the next stage of the project,

  1. Get deeper knowledge of the process of the system, separate it into several part, it might be easier and organized for me to get ideas from the interview.
  2. Prepare the questions I would like to ask for the interview, or maybe some simple questionnaire. Contact with the Dundee Airport, to arrange a field research if possible.
  3. Gather more insights from people. Talk with people, and be neutral myself. For example, how people feel about the technology applied in the security and identity system.
  4. Field Research. Observation, observe passengers go through the system, and also the how the staff and the technology works. If possible, interview the staff and police in the airport.
  5. Update my own process in the meantime, bring along the information I get to the whole project.

IMPRINTS: Board Update


IMPRINTS (Identity Management – Public Responses to Identity Technologies and Services) is a comparative and multidisciplinary research project, asking about the influences on  UK and US publics to engage and/or disengage with identity management practices, services and technologies of the future. These involve, among others, new forms of biometric authentication;  innovative ‘smart’  tokens like ID or customer cards, jewellery, garment, or further enhanced smart phones. These technologies have become subject to paradoxical processes of acceptance and rejection, with members of the public warmly embracing the one and fiercely rejecting the other. In this research we aim at a better understanding of these paradoxes in order to facilitate public debate, policy development and user-centric applications.

I am one of the contributor of the IMPRINTS Project, and my final project is related to the IMPRINTS Project. Dr Sandra Wilson is my expert who is the team member of the IMPRINTS Project as well.

Brief of my project:

User-friendly Airport Security And Identity

Airport is a really important and serious place, in order to keep safe, series of security and identity measure have to be taken. In the meantime, it might make passengers feel a little stressful and nervous. The aim of this project is try to find out if there is some negative experience in the airport system, if it has, what could I do to bring more positive experience to the passenger rather than the cold technology. The theme of the project is User-friendly airport security and identity.

The project i have done so far, literature review and some desk research have been done. It is not hard to find information about airport security and identity from the website of USA, for example the Unite State Patent about identity and airport system. And some new technology could be found in the TSA(Transportation Security Administration) website. By contrast, UK airport operator, BAA, information about technology they used and the boarding process is hardly found.

Role play method had help us to look the topic through different aspect: Passengers, Police, Airport. More insight has been found, community of airport, special facilities for mother and children, trusted lists, self-service,  and so on.

3rd Board

the PDF files are for the last two presentation.

1st Presentation Ming Ge

2rd Presentation mingge 2012

Mindful Design day 3, Feb 15th


Interview has been done today with Sandra, the main direction of the project has been decide, what i need to pay attention to is that mine research might be a biger range, i need to make sure the project research won’t go to wide to be managed.

The poster up there is about my project stakeholders. When i started to figure out the stakeholders, i could only think about travelers, mother with children, security staff, Airport Police. But, by using the diagram, more stakeholders have been found, it just like a network several main points has been found, more branches could be found to make the stakeholder network has more detail. In the meantime,  we could sort all the stakeholders, give an order of it, to distinguish the importance from less to much.


Mindful Design day 1, Feb 13th

The journey of meditation

Today is the first time for me to experience, I would love to say through today’s meditation journey, I dropped lots of things, find out the reason why these several days I feel so depress, it is really worth for me.


As the master said, we need to figure out what is reality and what is our ideal world. Before today, I thought a lot, final project, graduation, jobs, daily life, all the thing just chaos, have no any organize, this do makes me feel panic. And through today’s meditation, I realized that our mind is just like a box, if too many things were put in it, not only new information can’t get into, but also our minds feel stressful as well. In this situation, the best way maybe just step back, sit down, relax, re-organize the list.


I think my problem might because the gap between my ideal world and the reality. What I need to do maybe just let my feet on the ground again, feel the real world, do not ignore or take all the good things for granted sound us. This is learned from my “Meditation Lunch”. Feel the reality, and enjoy it. . .


As for the afternoon, class about interview, we need to listen but not judge in mind, just pay attention. I think the safest method for me, probably combine video, recording and notebook.